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Are you troubled by continuously escalating environmental costs and the amount of uncertainty to get your site to closure?   Do you want to find a way of achieving a less costly and more certain outcome for your site?


Relying on traditional consultants understanding of environmental policy and guidance is often not the solution to addressing unplanned costs and uncertainty. Environmental sites tend to follow a similar decision process that is not only influenced by policies and relevant guidance documents, but also stakeholders. Unfortunately, many responsible parties and consultants find this out the hard way.  To keep your site on a predictable and manageable course you need someone working for you that not only understands the latitude granted to site regulators through policies and guidance documents, but who also has the knowledge and experience to foresee and address regulator and stakeholders concerns before demands are made.  You need someone who can help regulators and stakeholders gain confidence in a less costly path to site closure.  

Bridge Environmental goes beyond traditional remediation firms' capabilities by bringing decades of industry knowledge, site management expertise, and negotiating experience working with regulators and stakeholders. Bridge Environmental's unique combination of business, technical, negotiation and regulatory framework skills helps clients and existing consultant teams achieve reasonable work demands and compliance requirements while also securing an equitable path to site closure. Bridge Environmental’s primary objective is to help you achieve a cost effective, regulatory acceptable and manageable end-state for your sites. 

Bridge Environmental can assist you with lifecycle strategy options, independent reviews, stakeholder engagement, agency negotiations, PRP group representation, project management, compliance support and more.

Bridge Environmental has the additional capability to perform interdisciplinary assessments involving scientists and engineers with complementary capabilities and skills.  A full-service team through partnerships and affiliations with individuals and firms experienced in modeling, analytical chemistry, toxicology, environmental engineering, natural resource economics, risk assessment and environmental law is available to achieve a wide variety of project objectives.

​Bridge Environmental is a certified DBE/SMBE California corporation based in Santa Clarita, California.

​"There are no easy paths to addressing environmental sites or issues, but there is always a less painful one. Bridge Environmental is here to help you find that path."

​​                               - Roy Thun

​                                     Founder

Knowledgeable support for your environmental sites and issues.

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